And So She Stops

The cool wind flows through her long curly hair. Her nose pink from the crisp Autumn air. The sound of children laughing and running around the playground. She sits there on a bench alone wonder how her life turned out the way it did. Oh, how life use to be so innocent. She was innocent….

6 Months

It has been 6 months… wow. Has it really been that long? And breathe, Syd. You can do this. Its been 6 months since I have allowed myself to freely write what is on my heart. 6 months of being quiet. 6 months of allowing my inner demons to clothe me in darkness. 6 months…

Chronic Pain

This one’s a hard to write… just beginning to type brings tears to my eyes. A wise person once told me, when this happens, “pause and breathe.” I constantly need to remind myself to do that. So, instead of jumping right in, let’s start there: Breathe. I live in chronic pain. Everyday, the pain is…

The Valve

Valve: any device controlling the flow of a substance through a pipe or passageway. To say the least, this week has been down right crappy. It is as simple as that. Everything has felt 10 times harder than it usually does. I have been pulled in many different directions and multiple people needing my attention….