To the Friend I Once Had

To the friend I once had,

Losing you has been harder than a breakup. I have no one to turn for advice, wipe my tears away, or to stay up with me watching movies to get my mind off of things. You were that person.

I never thought you’d leave, I never thought I’d lose you.

To the friend I once had, we were the duo others would get jealous of. You were my person, my best friend, and someone I truly admired. We promised, “you and me, regardless.” And, when we said, “ I’m not going anywhere,” we meant it. We knew no matter how far we’d go, we’d always come back and have each other; because that was our friendship.

You loved me and I loved you.

To the friend I once had, I look back on our friendship and it makes me smile, laugh, and cry. We had gone through so much together and I wouldn’t have made it without you.

I struggle with the fact that you’re no longer in my life. Without any explanation or reason, one day you were here, and the next, you were gone.

You just stopped. You stopped caring, you stopped be there, you stopped being my friend. Why?

To the friend I once had, You hurt me… a lot. The pain is still there and I think it always will be. I choke up when our song come on because we once sang it off the top of our lungs. I stare at photos of us, as they take me back to those fun and special moments. A part of me, still waits for the day when I’ll see your name pop up on my phone. Truth is, I still miss you; and I still cry, and that’s okay.

I guess it’s true, people always leave. I just never thought you’d be one of them.

To the friend I once had, I am always here for you.

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