God IS Near

This blog was created for me to share my journey in life and learning how to live with hope. That means sharing, not only the positive, but also my struggles.

Last night, I told myself I wasn’t going to church… I was being selfish and stubborn. I was going to sleep in and stay in bed. I was NOT going!

God thought otherwise.

Exactly 30 minutes before service was going to start, I woke up and I could not fall back asleep. Ugh! I felt a voice say loud and clear, “you ARE going!”

“No!” I had not time to get dressed.

At 9:30am, I found myself sitting in church. My hair was not done, I threw on legging, a sweater, and my Nike’s. I found a sit.

The band began to sing and I listened to a beautiful teaching. I felt so completely touched. I set aside my selfishness and worshiped like no one was watching me. I began to get extremely emotional, I tried to stop, but God was working in me. I began to see pictures of certain events that have happened throughout my life. Surgery after surgery, the passing of a friend, the complete utter loneliness, I saw it all. Then I heard God say, “I have been with you all along, now use your light and brokenness for good.”

With hands lifted high, I said to God, “do not let me miss a moment.” I am no longer in that wheelchair because of you, I will see my friend in Heaven because there is hope, I can rest easy because you are my comforter. Throughout my body I felt God.

I guess I am sharing this because: God IS there even when, you feel so alone and empty. Allow God to use you. Allow Him to use your story and shine your light from within.

Have a blessed week, my friends.

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