Fitness Update

Hi, SydneyPaige here! I just wanted to share and give you a little fitness update!

Once upon a time, I dreaded walking, standing was awful, and sitting wasn’t any better. I’d cry throughout my whole day because of how much pain I was in. Sitting crisscrossed, was something I never thought I’d be able to do (now look at me!!!). I watched, as I felt like life was passing me by. This evening, I shocked myself (yet, again) by running a mile straight! No stops, just full on sweat and positive affirmation. After that, I worked my core and lower body!

If you didn’t know, I am currently working on losing weight, while also using exercise to help with my depression and anxiety. So far its been going better than I thought. It is definitely so hard and I have my moments, but I am pushing through! I am setting mini goals and rewarding myself along the way. Once I lose my first 15lbs, I am getting myself a Fitbit! I haven’t yet figured out my next rewards, but let’s not get too far ahead. Lol It’s huge that I even planned a goal (JES, look at me go!!)!

I can’t fully explain what it’s like exercising with the hips I have, all I can say, is that I am so blessed I chose to have a total hip replacement done. I may have been young (19), but God has a plan far bigger than I can see. He is working in my life every single day. Just last night, I was struggling… but he woke me up this morning, eased my pain, and has helped me through my day.

#22ItsNeverTooLate #11XHipSurgeryWarrior #WeightLoss #HipReplacement #Prosthetic #AdventuresWithHarley

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