It didn’t last Forever

My heart is breaking and the pain has cut deep. My body aches with every waking moment and I feel it from head to toe.

I pushed the closest person that knows me away. I worked so hard to stay open, but then one thing was said and I became a closed book. I knew I needed to shut down.

I need to protect you and I need to protect myself. But that look on your face… that look has crushed me and has not left my mind. I hear you loud and clear, though. This needs to happen.

That tight feeling in my throat makes it hard to breathe. And as the water in my eyes began to trickle down my cheeks, I can’t help, but to want to fall apart.

It hurts to know that you know the ins and outs of me and I’ll no longer have you in my life. I trusted you, I respected you, and I believed you, even though I was scared and fighting my protector. How stupid am I?

You deserve better than me anyways; and all the happiness in the world. I don’t want to be the one to hold you back. It is not fair to you.

I am sorry I hurt you. I am sorry I caused so much pain and made you cry, it was never my intention to do so. I am truly sorry for leaving.

Please don’t worry about me… I’ll be just fine. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will keep you in my prayers, always. Sometimes, things don’t last forever; this is one of them.

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