Two Collided 

I currently live on a street that is pretty busy during rush hour. I usually hear the sounds of cars passing by and the occasional sirens. This evening was different. As I was about to sit down on my couch with the dinner I had made, I heard a noise I’ll never get use to and at times, haunts me. 

I heard a very loud, “beeeeeeep” from a car that was honking her horn. Before I knew it, the noise I dread ever hearing… Two cars crashing head on. I heard pieces of the cars fall to the ground as the hit the pavement. 

I knew what had happened… Without hesitation, I got up, grabbed my phone (so I could call 911, if it hadn’t already been done), and ran out the door. 

It felt like it took me ages to get to the scene, but in reality I was there within 10 seconds. It felt like everything had stopped. My heart was racing and I prayed no one was hurt. It’s crazy how much can happen in 10 seconds. I didn’t know how I would react. I just knew I needed to get there to help. 

Breathe, Sydney.

My heart sank. I ran to the people checking to make sure everyone was okay and responsive. Thank you, Jesus, everyone was. 

When I could feel my feet on the ground, I took a deep breath. I looked around, the font of the cars were demolished. Glass and broken pieces were everywhere. Cars kept passing by and it broke my heart that no one stopped to help or check in.

Breathe, Sydney.

I turned around and saw two young girls who had pulled over and saw the whole crash happen. I walked over to them and we started talking. The police were in there way and no one was hurt.

Breathe, Sydney.

While we were all outside standing in the rain, I couldn’t help, but to notice how many cars kept driving by and no one stopped. There we were, at the scene of a car accident and no one cares enough to ask if everyone was alright. 

A few people that were walking along the sidewalk just stared at the vehicles. I was in shock. Do people really not care about others? 

It’s interesting, I would have to guess about 50 people had driven by and of those 50, the two girls that were in a car pulled over, I rushed out of my apartment, and only one person that had walked by asked if everyone was okay. 

Wow. Breathe, Sydney. 

I don’t understand it. When someone needs help, aren’t we suppose to help them? Aren’t we suppose to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on? Why don’t we do that? Aren’t we suppose to, “rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep” (Roman 12:15). Love one another and care. 

Jesus, calls us to do that, so why don’t we? It’s a concept I am trying to learn. Everyone wants to say they’ll help or be there for someone because is the, “right” answer, but in reality no one really does. I’ve seen that way too often in my life. 

I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and lend a hand when you can. Truly be there for someone when they need it and don’t give up because is the, “easy” way out. Seeing it through till the end, is a beautiful and rewarding experience. 

Please, please drive safe. Know you are loved and not alone. 

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