Like a Star

The youngest of the kids I watch, looked at me with her big green eyes and missing front teeth, and asked me to cut an apple for her.

She handed me the apple and I looked at it. I couldn’t remember which way to cut it to make the core of it into the shape of a star.

I went for it. I turned the apple on its side and cut straight through the center of it. I did it! A star!

When most people think of an apple, they probably just think of it as a food item or they’ll think of all of the different colors apples come in.

For me, once I cut the apple in half, I realized this apple has multiple different sides to it. You see, if I had cut the apple the other way, the star wouldn’t have been revealed. Does that mean the star isn’t there, if it can’t be seen? I believe it is there.

This makes me think about life and faith. There are multiple sides to all of us. Sides, that may have been bruised and shattered. Sides, that we hide because of what others may think. Sides, that ultimately have made us who we are.

Faith- it cannot be seen, but it’s there. The star in the apple was there, even before I cut it and made it visible. Faith is there.

I believe we all have a star in us. A star that is hiding deep within that may be bruised. We choose to hide it because it’s our brokenness and we are ashamed of it, but in that brokenness is beauty. It’s a story that helps shape who we are. A story, that matters and is worthy of being loved. A story, that may help someone one day.

Look at me, being my childlike self. Something so simple like an apple changed my perspective. There is beauty in all things, we just have to look a little deeper.

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