Reach Out

I am not sure what you see in me, when all I see is my brokenness, my shame, my pain. I am not who I use to be, that girl is gone. She died when haunting things started to happen. I am not who you think I am. 

So why do you keep trying with me? You look at me with those eyes of yours and I  know you see it. I know you see all the pain. I know you see right through me. 

My scars are many. Both physical and mental scars. Scars, that tell dark stories. Stories, that are starting to unravel. You said you’d miss me… oh, I wish that was true, but I don’t believe it.

If you know all of this, why didn’t you reach out? I am always the one to reach out to others, you know that. Constantly, checking in and lending a hand, but no one ever does the same for me. You should have. 

Everything inside me wants to yell at you and push you away. Just give up. Say you can’t handle this. Say your done with me. Say you want to leave. 

Stop trying with me. This is it. 

But I don’t… Because deep down I don’t want you to leave and give up. I want you to stay. 

Because, I need you in my life. 

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