The Beauty of Art

The beauty of art! It fills my heart when I am able to put all my thoughts, pain, and emotions into creating.

I kid you not, I could do this for hours on end. Lately, when my anxiety and depression get bad, my outlet had been to create a new wood project. I love that I am able to do this. I love taking what was once trash and making it new again. It kinda reminds me of life…

Today I made this:

I love the stain I used on the wood and how the white looks on it. The feathers are my favorite… they took so much time and patience, but look how they turned out! My handwriting is another story. Lol I gotta work on that!

The past couple of weeks, my anxiety and depression has me clothed. The flashbacks get me pretty good and stop me in my tracks. But when I am creating, it’s like nothing can stop me. My focus is on creating something with a story. Creating something that is close to my heart.

Due to this, a few days ago, I decided to stay off of social media – Facebook, instagram, and Twitter for awhile. I spend so much time on social media to distract me, but then it actually makes me feel worse about myself. If you’re reading this from one of accounts that you follow, my blogs automatically post to them. Which is how you’ll be able to keep up with me if you wish to.

For now, I’ll only be just on my blog. I need to disconnect and just be… If you need me, get ahold of me the old school way: by phone – text or call me. I’ll do my best to respond when I can.

Anyways, I am excited to see what I create next! Art is pretty great, I challenge you to put your phone down, get off your computer, and let your artistic side run wild!

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