These Hips

At times, I feel as though the pain in my hips won’t ever go away. Recently, over the past few months or so, I have been experiencing sharp pains on my right side again. It reminds me too much of the pain I had prior to surgery. My left side, is the usual pain that comes with having a hip replacement. I am 23 months post of my left THR and 9 months post op of arthroscopic surgery on my right side. As I continue to build and start new chapters, I am constantly reminded that this chapter is one I will always have to work through.

It definitely scares me, but no matter how many tears I have cried, surgeries I have had, or years I have battled this… my hope is in God. Weather it is here on Earth or in Heaven, one day, the day will come when I am whole and healthy like the day I was born. He gives and He takes away, but still I choose to trust him. I am constantly looking at my tattoo when days like today seem too much. What a beautiful reminder: Stay strong and live with hope. 💕

My friends, be grateful for not only the big things in life, but the littlest of things as well.

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