This Beautiful Place called the PNW

The beautiful Pacific Northwest will never be what it once was. It’s pure calmness and serenity will now be remembered in our hearts and in photographs. As the treacherous green trees turn to black and began to fall, and the precious wildlife burn to death, our hearts break a little more.

Layers of ash lie on the roads and cover the cars. The air is so thick, going outside should not be questioned. Our bright beautiful sun, is no longer yellow, it is hiding behind the smoke just waiting to be found again.

Flames swallow up everything, us Pacific North Westerners know. It’s devastating. It’s shocking. It seems so unreal. But it is… it is very much real.

Grief is what we all now have to process. We lost something so beautiful, so rich, and so impactful. This was our home to many of us.

We pray for rain and the storm to hit during this time of grieving what the fires have already taken from us. This process of needing rain to fall to make our nightmare go away. Normally, rain would be considered sad, but for the Pacific North Westerners, what a glorious sight it would be. I don’t think this process of grieving ever really ends, though. In fact, I know it doesn’t. Sometimes is hits me out of nowhere. My stomach drops and my throat gets tight as the tears start to bleed through my eyes.

My fellow Pacific North Westerners, I am sorry our beautiful landmarks are now gone, I am sorry our home is destroyed, and I am sorry we are facing grief.

I won’t say some cliché saying… but I will say this:

During time of grief, there is ALWAYS still hope.

(Photo by KATU)

Eagle Creek Fire – Time lapse

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