December 3rd – December 9th 2017

Clinicals started this week! I am enjoying nursing so much and I love being on the floor working with patients! I feel like I am where I am suppose to be.

As of right now, the plan is to finish my CNA, then go onto nursing school once I finish my prerequisites, then specializes in pediatrics. One step as a time! ❤️

Wherever God is calling me to be, I will listen and follow.

With love,


November 26th – December 2nd 2017

This week has been so busy. Between work and school, I have no time for myself, which has definitely put a toll on me.

I completely broke down on Wednesday… There was no way I could go to class, so I skipped, which is so unlike me. Once getting home, I got in bed and my anxiety took over me and I was completely clothed. Tears covered my pillowcase. It was pretty bad.

The next morning, I got up, went to work, and tried to forget about what had happened the night before. I went to school, then back in bed to sleep and start my next day.

Today, I completely a DIY project! This one has been so much fun to do. Check out my blog post about it.

Things may be challenging and hard now, but God is with me and He is all I need.

With love,


November 12th – November 18th 2017

Work, school, sleep, repeat.

I am oh so tired! But excited for my career!!

October 22nd – October 28th 2017

What a week it has been… it was definitely a roller coaster for sure. I got pretty overwhelmed and pulled away, but I’m slowly coming back.

In the middle of it all, a childhood friend of mine showed up at my clinic and I lost it. I mean, I full on ugly cried. I was in shock. I was happy to see them. I have longed to get back in touch with that park of me. It was just all so fitting. I kid you not, a few days prior, I had wrote a blog about my childhood. There was just a lot of emotions. They even invited me over for dinner. It was very sweet of them.

I feel more confident in my job. I enjoy the people I work with and I like sending time with the kiddos there.

A lady there, told me since I have started working there, I bring a new light to the clinic and I am makes a huge difference. It was great to hear that.

Anyways, I’m so tired so I’m heading to bed. Be kind to one another.

With love,


October 15th – October 21st 2017

I finished my second official week of work at the clinic! So far, it’s been going pretty well. It’s definitely full of learning new information and allowing myself grace (that something I am still working on).

This week was full of many ups and downs… but I pulled through. I couldn’t be more grateful for my home. It allows me to feel safe and comforted, and it has been just what I have needed. I have worked hard to get where I am.

If you have read a few of my posts, you’ll know that I believe each of us has multiple soulmates. One, being your spouse and the others, being people you deeply connect with. This week, one of my soulmates came over and boy was I so excited and relieved to see her! It had been so long, but even with that, our connection never changes. Anyways, it was so great seeing her and visiting with her kids. When her daughter saw me, she lit up. It warmed my heart. It’s amazing how children can transform our perspective. ❤️

A few random things:

I made a very yummy dinner! It was a tortilla and bean soup! It was delicious and so easy to make. It was packed with protein and was full of flavor.

I officially joined the glasses club. I had an eye exam and you guessed it! I need glasses. It took me quite a long time to pick out frames, but I think I finally found a pair that look alright. I get to pick them up in about a week.

Anyways, that was my week! I hope each of you are doing great!With love,


October 8th – October 15th 2017

I officially completed my first official week at my new job! I feel like it’s the right fit for me and where I am at in my life. It is definitely a learn curve for sure.

Friday after work, I headed up North to Seattle for the weekend. I met with J.E.S which did not turn out the way I had hoped it would and she continued to remind me that it is okay and we WILL figure this out. She’s so calm and gentle with me. She knows just the right things to say.

Saturday, I met a gal that I met through UCL for coffee, then headed over to a dear friend of mine house. I spent pretty much the whole day with her and her family. Later on, I visited my girls with my friends baby attached to me as they got ready for Homecoming.

I left pretty early because I think all the attention the baby was getting was a little too much, so we stopped by my other friend’s house and hung outside for a bit. It was quite nice.

Having a baby attached to me, made me get so excited for when I foster and have kids of my own.

Sunday- I spent time with my family, stopped by my sister’s work, and spent time with the little girl I use to nanny. It was her birthday, so I surprised her. I adore them and I love how they treat me like family.

Later, I got on the road and headed back home. It was a good week for the most part. I am grateful.



October 1st – October 7th 2017

So happy to finally share the exciting news!! The past three weeks, I have been in the interviewing process for a new job!! Guess what?! I GOT IT!!

On Wednesday, I started my new position at a pediatric dental clinic! I couldn’t be more excited and happy about this new career change.

When I moved back to Vancouver, I started working at a local coffee shop, that ended up being THE worst experience/ job I have ever worked for. Prior to that, I worked at a wonderful coffee shop in Kirkland, WA. Turns out, not all coffee shops are friendly. Anyways, I knew that my happiness and well-being is important to me, so I started looking ASAP.

I adore working with kids and I am so happy to be so that, along with being in a medical environment. I really enjoy my colleagues and we have all laughed a lot.

A friend of mine reached out to me and treated me to get our nails done, it was the sweetest thing. I was so shocked.

Anyways, that has been my week!

With love,

Syd 😊

September 24th – September 30th 2017

Another busy week. All week, I have been feeling very overwhelmed, so I took some time away from everyone. I need space to recharge and just be.

I added some decor to my living, which I am liking a lot. My appointment is slowly being my home. I feel safe here.

My parents came down for a night to see my sister for her birthday! Shoutout to Brigitte!! Happy 24th!

For the most part, I just have been laying low. I didn’t do too much other than work and clean.

Until next week!

With love,

Syd 😘

September 17th – September 23rd 2017

Work, nap, workout, sleep, and repeat. That is usually how my days go. I wish I could share exciting adventures, but I haven’t done any recently.

Thursday – I drove up North to Seattle. On my drive there, I spoke with my friends daughter, it was the sweetest thing. We asked about random childish things. It definitely brought out my childlike self for sure. When I got off the phone, one of my girls needed me, she had no idea I was in town. I dropped everything to be by her side. I listened as she talked, sometimes that is all we need.

Friday- I met with J.E.S. Oh, what a joy it was to see her. She’s definitely on my favorite persons list (I actually don’t have a list, but if I did, she’d be on it). It was so good to just be. The connection we have built and the space we have created is so safe and comforting.

I dropped flowers off at my friend’s salon since it was she birthday. I was able to give her a quick hug and an “I love you.”

<<<<<bat my former coffee shop, Urban COFFEE Lounge. They are so good at what they do, go visit them! I honestly am so incredibly grateful for my time there and the friends I have met. UCL, is one of a kind.<<<<<bd I went out for Happy Hour, it was nice.

<<<<<be evening catching up with my twin littles. They are the best and we have built a beautiful foundation that will last forever. We stayed up watching, Wonder Women! Such a good movie! I felt so empowered and a total badass.

<<<<<b- I went over to a friend’s house early in the morning, then I watched kids soccer the rest of the morning while chatting with a dear friend of mine and visiting with her kids. I ended up driving back home right after the games.

Brigitte, also came over once I was home. We made nachos and watching a movie together. It was great having some sister time.

Well, that was my week!

With love,

Syd 😊

September 10th – September 16th 2017

I got the stuff for my DIY project! Shoutout to the person who was giving away free wood scraps! For real, I am so excited for this next project! It is definitely going to be a lot of work, but that is the beauty of it.

I went out with a friend for happy hour! It was so fun! We laughed, sang off the top of our lungs, and drank some tasty cocktails. 🍹 Don’t worry, we were safe!! I definitely needed time going out. Plus, my friend and I are soaking up our time together before one of us moves again.

Fitness– ahhhh I feel like I am doing really well with it. It’s a lot of hard work, but I am making progress! So excited for my first 5k in October! Check out my fitness tab on my blog for more updates.

Another friend surprised me on my doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. I was in the middle of a nap and I refused to open the door. When I finally did, I was so shocked. It was very sweet.

Today, the rain showed up. What a beautiful sight to see! I am excited for what life lies ahead. I am thankful, even in the midst of hard times.

Keep being you and know you ARE loved. ❤️

With love,

Syd 😊

September 3rd – September 9th 2017

I feel like my weeks all mesh together, which I don’t like. I want to remember exciting moments and be able to rejoice in this journey. I don’t like looking back on my week having to think about what I did because I had already forgotten it. I want to appreciate every moment of my day.

I did the usual stuff like go to work, clean, and do laundry. I finally broke out of my shell this week. I needed a little me time and was getting overwhelmed these last few weeks, so I needed to step back.

Thursday, Brigitte, one of my older sisters, came over for dinner and movie night! It was really nice. We made a yummy stir fry and had chocolate chip cookies. I am grateful for my time with her.

Saturday, someone I knew from high school came over. We actually never hung out at school or really knew each other. We would say casual hi’s, but that’s about it. There are so many parallels in our lives, though. Fast forward to now, 4 years later, our paths finally crossed. We talked for hours and it felt so natural. You know how there can be awkward moments when just starting to hangout with someone? Yeah, that never happened. New friendships are scary for me… but I know I need to remind my protector not to work so hard. God’s timing is perfect timing and I need to allow myself to have friends in my life.

I started planning a new DIY project! More on that later, but how exciting is that!

Anyways, I’ll talk with you next week!

With love,

Syd 😊

August 27th – September 2nd 2017

This week was my first official full week in my home. I have been living here for 3 weeks or so, but each week I’d drive back up to Seattle for an appointment. I like that I am driving distance away. Plus, I love driving and how I am able to clear my mind.

I like it here. Dad says I sound so much more happier. I am happy here. I feel like I can breathe again. It is definitely an adjustment. I am settling in at my new job and learning my familiar surroundings.

According to Urban Dictionary, Adult-ing:Being a responsible adult. Used by 20-somethings who are proud of themselves for paying a bill. <
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rough a bit.

I have been doing great at sticking to a daily workout. Each day I rotate my routine and I focus on just that.

Umm… I’m not sure what else has happened this week! I’ve been doing a lot of writing, which is AMAZING! Oh and I have been binge watching on One Tree Hill, that is my FAVORITE show. I don’t care how old I get, hands down, OTH will always be Sydney’s show! Shout out to all the OTH lovers! Actually, as I am writing this, the show is playing! Ahhh I totally just had a freak out fan moment!!

Anyways, welcome to my life. Until next week, be kind, love one another, and ALWAYS stay strong and live with HOPE. <
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alike and that is okay! Just trying to figure it out and toss out my old ways.

After work on Tuesday, I drove up to Seattle and stayed there until Thursday. I took my friend’s daughter out for pizza and bubble tea! It was quite fun!

I saw J.E.S and we continued to work through things. She’s teaching me a lot about forgiveness and learning how to just be. Also, she is proving me wrong. Not everyone will leave. It’s definitely easier for me to say that, than to believe it. But hey, I’d say it’s progress!

I bought a crock pot! How cool is that?! It has been so fun to cook with and try new recipes. Let’s be real, if you know me, you’d know I don’t like following recipes soooooo.

A dear friend of mine came over and helped me add some decor to my walls. They are now looking a little less empty (Another win)!

My place is slowly, but surly becoming my home and I couldn’t be more blessed with this opportunity.

August 13th- August 19th 2017

Unpacking… this is an ongoing process. The more I unpack, the more I realize I don’t need certain things ( read my blog post, Stuff… I am Struggling). I think I have gotten rid of two full boxes. Considering, that I also didn’t have much stuff to began with, two boxes is a lot!

How amazing is that though, being able to let go and just be.

r e of
. In 9 months, my surgeon wants me to call and let him know how I am doing… if all is well, then I don’t need to schedule an appointment until I hit my 3 year mark with my prosthetic side. Wow! What news for me (I’ll write a hip update later and go more in depth).

While in Seattle, I saw one of my favorite people, J.E.S. she’s pretty cool and has made a huge impact on my life, and on this journey of healing.

Ahhh! I almost forgot! I met a dear friend face to face for the first time!! She also had a hip replacement at 19 like me. In fact, her surgery was a day after mine. It has been so amazing supporting each other through the highs and lows. We are rare. Not many can say they’ve had a hip replacement in their teen years.

Later that night, I drove back home to Vancouver. I had a job interview Thursday and then another one with the same company on Friday. Needless to say, I got the job! I am the newest barista at Fairway Coffee.

With all that has been happening, I got pretty overwhelmed and just needed time to take it all in. There is definitely a lot of change happening in my life right now. Good change, though. I spent hours on the couch just being. I read my bible, prayed, and wrote. Not to mention, slept. It’s important to come back to center before tackling on a new thing.

If I have learned anything is week, it’s that mistakes happen… but it is what you do after it, that will either make or break you. Healing isn’t easy and it is not a straight path, there are curves and bumps along the way.

Until next week, much love,


August 6th – August 12th 2017

This week has been filled with a bunch of “see ya later’s,” many hugs and well wishes, as I close this chapter in my life and open up the next. So bittersweet. I have enjoyed the time I had seeing friends before I moved.

Move day: August 8th, 2017. What a crazy day. I loaded up my Jeep, made a few stops, saw my therapist, and headed on the road. I was filled with excitement and joyfulness. I am going home! I hopped in my car and made the three hour drive to Vancouver, WA. When I walked into MY home, I was in awe. Did I really just move? Someone pinch me! <
y h o
ll this
ce, I have to figure out some artwork or photos for the walls. How exciting though!?

Side note: I finally got my phone fixed. Well, partially. Lesson of the week: don’t lock yourself out of Icloud… is will take 28 days to recover it. Shoutout to the Manager at the Apple store who unlocked my phone and helped me create a new account until I get my original one unlocked.


This is a good change; and I am fully allowing it to be completely faith based. God is so good and I do not need to worry. He will provide me with a job to cover finances, a family church, and peace for where I am at.

I am grateful.

With love,


July 30th – August 5th 2017

Ahhh!! What a week is has been. I have been so busy… almost too busy for my liking. With my move coming up ( I am moving back to Vancouver, WA from Seattle), I have been nonstop. This week, I worked my last day at Urban COFFEE Lounge (go visit if you haven’t already), been trying to say my last farewells, and packing!

In the past few days, I have totally stepped out of my comfort zone with how social I have been. For those who don’t know me, I like my space! It gives me time to recharge, but I am proud of challenging myself.

Saying my “see you later” to UCL was so bittersweet. I am so incredibly blessed for the opportunity I have been given to work there. UCL crafted me into the barista that I am and I have met amazing people. I couldn’t be more grateful for my time there.

I feel so bad I haven’t been able to see everyone that wanted to see me. I am getting a little too stretched. In fact, I was suppose to help run a camp that I do every year, but last minute decision, I couldn’t. There has just been too much going on.

Also, these hips of mine have been bothering me lately. I am still trying to get use to this new “normal.” I don’t think I ever will, though. Actually, today I sat crisscrossed and it made me smile. I remember I couldn’t even stand or walk for 5 minutes.

New week is moving week!!! Please pray for me! God is oh so good even in the misted of hard times.

With love,Syd