Sunday ( February 25th, 2018)

I LOVE my prosthetic so much!!! I CAN balance on it, I repeat, I CAN balance!!! I also love how my tattoo is visible in this photo, what a beautiful reminder it brings me everyday! 💪🏾

Wednesday (February 7th, 2018)

My hips didn’t bother me until I got to lap 4 on my run!!!! Ahhh so exciting!! This run was different… I put on worship music and just ran. I didn’t think about anything other than Jesus and it was just what my heart needed. These words hit me: “Hold onto your hope as your triumph unfolds, he’s never failing.” Jesus is so good and has never left, even when I don’t realize He’s still there. My prayer for you, is that you let him lead you. Let him fill your heart and transform your life. ❤️

Sunday (February 4th, 2018)

Jillian Michaels has me —— what a challenging, yet, oh so good workout!!

Saturday (February 3rd, 2018)

Down ⬇️ 9.7lbs!! Say what?! Did I read that correctly?! 🎉🎉 I also decided to switch it up a bit and try a Jillian Michaels workout, oh snap! That had me sweating and working my muscles! I can’t believe I am doing this! What a joy it is… and look at me being confident enough to workout in my sports bra! Why be ashamed of this body? It has fought and brought me through so much! I’ll probably go for my usual run this evening as well!!

Thursday (February 1st, 2018)

I didn’t run as fast or as long as I wanted to on the treadmill, nor did I complete the rounds of strengthening I had hoped. Needless to say, my workout did not go as planned. My prosthetic kept popping and brought on a lot of discomfort, then a certain song came on and it brought me to tears. I feel physically and mentally drained. I’m not going to say I’ll do better tomorrow or push myself even more, because I honestly have no idea how things will be. I have to take it one day at a time, and if I can’t do that, then one hour or minute.

Tuesday (January 30th, 2018)

I pushed myself harder than I ever had on the treadmill, while running 2 miles. It got to the point where it scared me because my prosthetic began to pop and I was afraid it was going to give out. I pushed through it, though and finished strong.


Monday (January 29th, 2018):

Another workout on the books!! I must have had an itch on my head😂😂 I was finally able to get to the gym after work! I was literally counting down the hours until I was off. I pushed myself on the treadmill and did strengthening! Also, look at me sitting at a 90 degree angle. Fun fact: I have to be extremely careful when bending 90 degrees and on. I am at a high risk for dislocating my prosthetic.


Saturday (January 27th, 2018)

Down ⬇️ 6.6lbs!! 🎉All with eating healthy, exercising, and portion control! Can you tell which side is my prosthetic side? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the one that indents. Also, look at me jump rope!! It’s not perfect, but I can do it!! Shout out to all busty ladies out there. 💪🏾 Feels good completing another workout, I am one step closer to reaching my mini goal!

IMG_3226 (1).jpg

Thursday (January 25th, 2018):

This evening, I shocked myself (yet, again) by running a mile straight! No stops, just full on sweat and positive affirmation. After that, I worked my core and lower body!IMG_3153.jpg

 Monday (January 22nd, 2018)

Down 3.5lbs in a week with diet and exercise!! It’s not much, but I am doing it! It definite;y hasn’t been easy… On one hand, my thighs rub together, my hips pop, and potion control sucks at times!! On the other, I am sleeping better, see a difference in my energy, and constantly i shock at what I can accomplish. You gotta start somewhere.

Thursday (January 18th, 2018)

I didn’t want to go to the gym this evening, but I did, and I am so proud of myself!!

Wednesday (January 17th, 2018)

Look at that drop of sweat on my upper lip. LOL I honestly surprise myself every workout… Just thinking back at where I was, then to where I am now, it brings me to tears. I am blessed.

Monday (January 15th, 2018):

Ahhhhh!! Look at me! I am doing it!! Another workout done!!


Sunday (January 14th, 2018):
By the end of September, I got up to run 5 miles – especially with hips like mine, that’s huge. I was SO proud of myself. Somewhere along the way, doubt, fear, and all the what if’s started to set in. I completely stopped working out and the depression and anxiety began to cover me. Now here I am, just a few days back at it. Trying to workout while also listening to my body and when my hips start to pop. I’m no where near back to running… I am starting out on the elliptical and working on strengthening my body from head to toe. Definitely taking this one day at a time. Shout out to my sister for pushing me to get a workout in! Sisters rule! ❤️

Saturday (January 13th, 2018):

My sisters have gathered around me so beautifully. My depression and anxiety is the worst is has ever been and they have gathered around to support and love me.

This afternoon, Brigitte asked me to go to the gym with her. I was hesitant, but ended up saying, “yes.” We worked out together and I modified it for my hips and where I am at physically. Brig and I are on two completely different fitness levels. She is very fit and has works years to get where she is today – I am so proud of her.

My workout:

  • 30 Minutes of cardio
  • Weight lifting for Biceps and Triceps
  • For each exercise, I did 3 sets of 10

By the end of our workout Brigitte said, “you are going to be sore tomorrow.” Tomorrow isn’t even here yet and I am already so sore.

Sunday (November 12, 2017):

I did a high intensity 30 minute workout this morning. It definitely felt good to get back in the swing of things. My hips have been hurting lately, so I have been taking it easy.

My work out consist of:

  • Mountain climbs
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats

It wasn’t much, but I am proud of myself for doing it!

Wednesday (September 27, 2017):

I was able to do a workout today. I did a high intensity workout. I did a total of five rounds.

  • Mountain climbs
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats

Here’s a full body pic with all my rolls and all- I have never in my life showed this much skin. Feels kinda good. Ps, I never thought I would say that either. 🙈

Tuesday (September 26th, 2017):
I had a really rough night… when I woke up I didn’t want to do anything. Going for a walk or run felt impossible. I knew I still needed to do something. I love practicing yoga, so I decided that was what I needed to do to relax my anxious mind and weary hurting heart.

I love hot yoga, but since I moved, I haven’t found a place here in town. So I have been doing my practice here in my home, which is what I have been doing for most of my workouts.

Yoga With Adriene – is so great! I highly recommend watching her videos.

Wednesday (September 20th, 2017):

This morning, I got up, ate a banana and changed into my workout clothes. I did a 2 mile walk outside, then did a high intensity workout here in my home. I was dripping sweat by the end of my workout. It felt good, though.

<<<<tensity workout:

  • 30 mountain climbs
  • 10 push-ups
  • 30 sit-ups
  • 30 squats
  • 50 jumping jacks

All that for 5 rounds, each with a 30 second rest between each round. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Monday (September 18th, 2017):

I have been so sore today. Yesterday’s workout got me good. Today, was a busy day and I got in my run!

I am so close to reaching 10,000 steps. If I don’t reach it by the end of the day, I am still so very proud of myself for how hard I have been working!

Sunday (September 17, 2017):

Working out is hard work! I am oh, so tired!!

<img ]

Friday (September 15, 2017):

Ahhhh I shed 3 minutes 35 second off my two mile run this morning!! That’s my personal best! I also love rocking this open back, “been there conquered that” tank now that I am becoming more comfortable and confident in my body. I am sure putting this hip to the test, while also listening to when it tells me enough is enough. If I can do it, so can you!

Wednesday (September 13th, 2017):

I decided to change my route… I ended up adding a mile and a half!! How exciting is that! I am able to run 3-4 miles without stopping.

Side note: don’t run in the dark!

Tuesday (September 12th, 2017):

Guys!! Working out is such a gift! I have found a love for outdoor running, which is kinda surprising, but at the same time not. I am in awe after every workout I complete. I went from hardly being able to stand for 5 minutes to now trying my best to get in a daily run. I am nowhere near my goal, but what a joy it is to be where I am today. Thank you, God for bring me out of such a dark place in my life. I am beyond blessed with the littlest of things.

#AdventuresWithHarley #11TimeHipSurgeryWarrior #ProstheticLife #FaithLoveHope

Saturday (September 2nd, 2017):

This evening I did my usual two mile run outside. I honestly enjoy running outside. It’s amazing to see the beauty of God’s creation.

My run felt a little easier today which is good! I think I was able to shed a minute off my overall time!

Friday (September 1st, 2017):

Rest day!! Wahoo! My body really needed it!

Thursday (August 31st, 2017):

This evening I did intervals of burpees, jumping jacks, floor climbs, and high jumps.

This picture doesn’t do justice on how much I was sweating. 🏃🏽‍♀️😅

Wednesday (August 30th, 2017):

I am SO incredibly sore! Oh my lanta! 🙈 despite being sore, I got up and did a run this morning on my day off! I decided to try out a new app. This one is called Run. It has all different training programs. I started out with the 5k week 1 day 1. I really liked it and feel like it is something I can keep up with. Expect, once I finished my workout, in order to go on to the next, you have to pay for the workout plans. I’m not sure if it’s worth my $3.99 (😂 let’s just be real).

I definitely feel like I could have done better and pushed myself more, but at least I completed it.

My muscles hurt and I am going to rest the whole day.

Tuesday (August 29th, 2017):

In the morning, I started my day off with another workout from Freeletics. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to workout in the evening because of work and flat out being tired. I did an Athena workout! I love this one!

I followed this, by stretching!

Monday (August 28th, 2017):

I have been so bad at logging my workouts. One being, I had a rough week and two, I am human and I struggle with keeping up on fitness. Not because I don’t enjoy it, because I do, but because, there are other factors in my life and we all fall off the path sometimes.

Anyways, this evening I did a 2 mile run and ended with a high intensity workout from Freeletics (download the app if you haven’t already).

I was drenched in sweat and definitely felt my muscles burn.

I struggled a lot with my left leg. For those who don’t know, I have a left prosthetic hip (more info in the Harley tab). I also have EDS, which causes my joins to be very loose. I could feel my left knee pop in and out, which when caused my prosthetic to hurt. It definitely wasn’t an easy 2 miles run, but I did it. A part of me wanted to give up, but I kept going; even though I was heavily limping and people where starring at me.

Weigh in (August 20th, 2017):

I am – 4.1lbs in a week!! Wahoo! 💪🏾💪🏾

Workout day 6 (August 16th, 2017):

Rest day! Even though it was my rest day, I took a 2 mile walk.

Workout day 5 (August 15th, 2017):