Rustic Headboard

I absolutely LOVE this piece! Made completely from scratch, my headboard is something I haven’t accepted that I made!! Like what?! I made this? Yeah, me too guys! I am still in shock!

I used a honey stain, sander, saw, nails, screws, and 48-72 hours of hard work! I am in love with it and it looks beautiful in my room!

Nightfall Tree

I wanted to make a piece that would come alive. So I decided to create a piece with branches and lights. This one was very easy to make. I built a frame and use my hot glue gun to glue on the branches. I added battery powered twinkle light and there you have it: Nightfall Tree. This one, serves as my night light in my bedroom. I just love looking at it every night!

I used an espresso stain, hammer and nails, hot glue gun, branches, and twinkle lights.


I have a lot of scrap wood; and with that, I have been making signs. The “believe” sign is hanging in my bedroom. I hand wrote and designed it. The detail was so hard and took a lot of time, but it turned out wonderful!

The “Aria” sign was made for my co worker for her Secret Santa gift. That is her daughter’s name. When I give gifts, I like to make sure they have meaning behind them. I don’t like stuff just to have, so why would I give a gift without mean? LOL For this sign, I used stencils!

For both signs I stained the wood and used chalk paint for the letters and design!

Rustic Shelf

I made these shelves completely from scratch. I found free wood pallets someone was going to throw away and I offered to take them off her hands. I turned someone else’s trash into beauty. The gray shelf is hanging up in my apartment and the white one, I gave to my mom for Christmas.

For my shelf, I used a few different stains to achieve the color gray I wanted, and for the white shelf, I used chalk paint and sanded it, to get the rustic look!

Refurbished bedside table and coffee table:

A dear friend of mine was moving out of the country, and at the same time, I was also moving back home into my own apartment. She gave me these tables and I decided to make them more “me.” I am so happy with how well these turned out!

IMG_4058 IMG_4126

IMG_4073  6ae73352-a12e-4b09-89d4-ebaafe5a94b6